Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When I saw on Twitter that the message at church this past weekend was about having a quiet heart, I could not wait for Sunday to get here. Y'all have read before that having a quiet heart is something I struggle with quite a bit. And the darnedest part of it all is that usually it's the same three things keeping my heart from being quiet.

The analogy used in Psalm 131, which was the text we studied, is of a mother and her unweaned child. I kept thinking of my beautiful nephew and hearing his precious little cry in my head. It really made the example more real. That is the most loved child in the world and not one need of his will ever go unmet. How much more, then, is God's love for me? Why would I ever doubt that what I need, he will give me? And the best part is the last three words in the Psalm: now and forevermore. The gap is closed: nothing we can do can remove us from that love. Hmm.

Encouraging words, indeed!


  1. Thanks for the much need word of encouragement. Powerful words and such a wonderful reminder.

  2. so needed that! thanks, girl :)

  3. what do people do that don't believe that truth? that NOTHING can separate us?! thanks for the reminder.

  4. Oh how I needed this today.


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