Thursday, February 09, 2012


This time last week, I was packing to spend the weekend in Asheville, NC for... wait for it... district conference for ADPi. I was secretly kind of excited because for my first and only trip to DLC when I was a collegiate, I had scratched my eye with a contact and so per doctor's orders, I was rocking my glasses the whole weekend and several days afterward. Bum-mer.

So I was content to volunteer to tag along with the exec group for the chapter I advise. It WAS a good way to get to know the new girls and show my support for what they do. It was NOT a good way to meet the leadership in our district: no one reminded me that NO JEANS were allowed. Have you ever been the only woman in a room of 500 women wearing jeans? TWICE? Yeah. Not my finest hour but no one kicked me out.

Anyway, it made me miss all my friends who found it in their heart to claim the girl in glasses as one of their own that rainy Atlanta weekend and who collecitvely managed to make the Mallard Ball T-shirt look good with khakis. Even though Auburn is in another district, they accidentally called Beta Omega for a few of the awards that were handed out and I almost stood up and cheered anyway.

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