Sunday, February 19, 2012


Sigh. I am back in Nashville, still a little misty-eyed from having to leave behind the most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous little bundle of perfection called James Henry. The past six days have been a whirlwind!

On Tuesday morning, when my mom called me to tell me she'd just spoken with my brother-in-law and things were officially underway, my heart soared. I had already packed my "stuff" bag (magazines, Kindle, projects for work) and had more or less packed my suitcase over the weekend, so I was ready to go! I make it a habit not to get up before dark if I can help it but this was one exception I was all too willing to make.

I got to Birmingham and the rest is history. He was our 8 lb, 5 oz, 21 and 3/4" little Valentine. The first time I saw his tiny body in the flesh, rather than through the grainy lens of an ultrasound photo, he was all curled up and snoozing away. I burst into tears. He was just so perfect, so peaceful, so wonderful.

But the real game-changer was the first time I got to hold James Henry and study his tiny, wonderful features up close, and feel his sweet little fingers wrap around my own, and kiss his little cheeks and nose. I am officially obsessed with this little cherub. I cannot get enough of this child. It doesn't hurt that he is an incredibly beautiful baby. I know I am biased, but seriously, he's one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen. But while I clearly think he is adorable just the way he is, and I will always remember the week he was born, at the same time I cannot wait to watch him grow up and turn into all the things I hoped and guessed and wondered and prayed for 9 months. My new little pal and I are going to have a lot of fun.

I am the proudest aunt in the whole wide world!

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  1. is that not such a miracle? those tiny little fingers?! so precious.


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