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I just renewed this domain name for another year. Did I just waste $9?

So, fun update. I helped out quite a bit this week with sorority rush recruitment at Vanderbilt. I am LOVING being an adviser, by the way. Since 99% of you probably went through rush in August like me, I have to tell you how different it is. In previous years, school started on a Wednesday, henceforth rush was Monday, Tuesday, Thursday night and Saturday night, with Bid Day on Sunday. This year, it changed and rush was from on Friday and Saturday nights, two weekends in a row! In January no less! Don't get me wrong, I sure hated being a sweaty betty running all over the hill in the Auburn August heat. But it's like 15° outside up here. The poor PNMs have to line up for the parties outside the houses and quickly throw their coats off at the last minute. Brrr!

I missed all of last weekend's activities since I was in Birmingham for my sister's baby shower, but I pledged to help out as much as possible this week. I was at the house Wednesday night to help with the "Entertainment Round" preparations, including seeing their brand new skit, which they were so proud of! On Friday night, the last party ended at midnight. I didn't go to bed until 3 am! Pref parties were yesterday and I spent lots of time washing and rewashing tiny cups and plates in between parties and talking to girls. I answered questions about everything from rush at Auburn to job and career advice.

Someone recently asked me if it was worth it to have the extra "drama" in my life that a sorority house brings and I couldn't answer YES fast enough. I love being a friend to these girls and maybe a positive role model. I'm young enough to still get it, but old enough to have a different perspective on certain things. One girl has already asked me to be reference for her upcoming job search. This may be my favorite thing I have done in Nashville. I wish I had signed up sooner!

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