Tuesday, January 10, 2012


If you haven't heard of Pinterest by now, I hate to ask where have you been? but seriously. Where have you been? I will cut the guys some slack since all of us females know Pinterest can skew a little bit on the feminine side at times. But Evan, Elliott, Wes and lots of other guys I know hang right there with us, dotting my page with exquisite men's fashion, recipes and other handy little tips and tricks that I've been known repin myself.

Over the past few days I tried my hand at two Pinterest projects: one in the kitchen and one on the floor, I guess (where do you do your gift wrapping?) Neither of these were my first Pinterest project, mind you, but two that I tried more or less on the fly and was pleased with the results.

Thursday night I was wrapping up some cute and tiny clothes for a baby shower gift for Baby G. I didn't have just the perfect shade of ribbon to match, so I pulled this trick out of my hat I saw on Pinterest once (via Anna). You take a scrap of paper, fold it twice, cut some slits and curl away. It makes a fluffy, funky bow that will surely garner attention at your sister's baby shower... especially if you talk about it quite a bit in advance! More pictures and better directions can be found here.
And now for a project with a little more consequence, brought to my attention via Elliott! I told you I got a crockpot for Christmas, right? Yesterday I made my first crockpot dish. I put all the stuff in there before work and lo and behold, that meat was cooked when I got home! Whaddyaknow! Here's the recipe for brown sugar and balsamic pork tenderloin, or, a fancy recipe for barbecue. In the words of Randy Jackson, "it was just aight for me, dawg." It looks a lot better in the pictures, but it was still yummy for my first swing at it. It better be yummy, I have about 1.75 lb of it left to eat. Now what all can I do with leftover barbecue? Let me just look on PINTEREST! Bam. Full circle.


  1. Ok- so that bow thing that I pinned- didn't work out for me. I needed more detailed instructions. Can you redo it and I will PIN your instructions! Keep the projects coming!

  2. Your bow turned out great! I'm so glad you liked the idea I shared and especially that you got it to work. Anna, give it another try. They aren't too bad once you get the hang of it. :)


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