Thursday, January 19, 2012


Want a "bumpdate" on my little precious prince of the world nephew baby angel love?

His Birmingham baby shower was weekend before last and my goodness did the little fellow collect. So many cute little outfits, toys, a homemade blanket from one grandma and a homemade baby blue feather boa wreath for the hospital door from the other (I'll let you guess which grandma gave which). It was a really precious time with some of my sister's close friends as well as women who are important not only in Jennie's life, but mine and mom's as well. Booboo is already so loved! But the line forms here to snuggle him, ladies; let's just be real.

Also, he has a name. Mimi, Bebop (don't ask) and Aunt Nin had to play a little word scramble to figure it out, which was pretty clever way to reveal it, if you ask me! Four minutes in (a terrible time, we'll have to be faster for baby #2), we finally solved the puzzle and were thrilled to have a name by which to call him! Not that I can share here, of course (hence, smiley faces where his initials should be). But trust me, it's cute. Just like he will be!
It was so weird saying goodye to my sister that night, knowing the next time I saw her, she'd be in labor. Would you believe me if I said I've already started my list of what to pack? Yes, even aunts need a hospital bag!


  1. Being an Aunt is SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!

  2. Excited for you! And I'm partial to the nickname boo boo. That's what we call Reese.

  3. Heck yes aunts need a hospital bag! My sis was my sanity I think!


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