Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Guess what time it is? Time for my annual CHRISTMAS LIST!!! I’ve done my best to think of things that really run the gamut this year so I won’t get any constructive criticism on my list like I have in year’s past.

Let’s tackle this by department:

In the beauty department, I have had my eye on a Clarisonic face brush for a while. Picture it as an electric toothbrush for your face. I have heard this a great way to get gorgeous skin and I don't know anybody who would turn that down.
There are a lot of things I would like for my kitchen. This glass Kitchen-Aid mixing bowl solves my biggest problem right now with my mixer: I can't pour anything out of the bowl (into say, a bundt cake pan) without making a huge mess. Then, once I get whatever I am making poured and baked up, an offset spatula would be a handy way to transfer my yummy treats to a cooling rack. And if it's not treats I'm whipping up, but instead a savory dinner dish, then a regular sized slow-cooker, as opposed to my single-serve lilliputian one, would be nice. Bonus if it has a carrying case in the event I take my show on the road (would also be nice to have a cake caddy for that bundt cake I mentioned). And once everyone has been fed, some tupperware to put the leftovers in would be excellent. Mine is disappearing left and right. And just for good measure or to take up room in the stocking, some more nonstick spoons, etc. would be super handy.
Moving on to electronics: I've already told you how I can't wait to see Beyonce's Live at Roseland Ballroom DVD, so to that let's add Bridesmaids, Glee Season 2, Modern Family Season 1 and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Additionally, there are a few things I would love to own for my Macbook, starting with a Time Machine. No, Emmett Brown, not that kind of time machine. One to back up everything I put on this Macbook. I figure that's only the smart thing to do, lest I lose it all to a crashed hard drive one day. I also have wanted a proper microphone for recording songs (lullabies) for friends (my nephew).

And since no Christmas is complete without something Auburn related, I love this quirky little print of Samford Hall:
Also, am I the only one that didn't know that Hanky Panky (ladies, you know what I'm talking about) made collegiate... gear? War Eagle, indeed.

And speaking of clothing, the last, random thing: boot socks. I already told you I put a hole in one pair from all the walking I did in Vegas. But since lately I will only leave my house wearing boots (or so it seems), I need some thick, tall, warm socks as well.

So there you go, Santas far and wide! In case you are looking for the perfect thing for me to go along with that Friends frame you paid $42,500 for, hopefully will help.

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  1. I want the clarisonic too! Unfortunately I didn't think of this until about a week ago. I think this means i have approximately two months to justify it as a birthday present.


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