Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Can I complain for one second? Just one second on this topic and I won’t mention it again.

Walking to work SUCKS. I can think of about four days total that I got here and wasn’t sweating. It’s been hot as hades until about last Monday. Walking to to work in the heat = sweating when I get here. Then it got cold for basically a week, requiring use of my cute yellow coat, which means guess what? Sweating when I get here. My walk, which is slightly longer than everyone else’s since I walk from home not the off-site garage, is just long enough to work up a sweat no matter the temperature, my clothing or my pace.

I can deal with sweaty. Definitely not my preferred look but I can make do. Windblown? Also not my favorite look but I can make do.


If I wanted to walk to work in the rain and be all cute and metro about things, I would move to New York City. I cannot deal with it. Today when I woke up and heard the rain, I seriously contemplated calling a cab. This was on top of my idea yesterday of just calling in sick and staying home altogether (didn’t do it).

My only rain shoes are Crocs and that’s another whole post in and of itself. But I bit the bullet and wore them in today, after nearly ruining my new boots yesterday trying to get home in one soggy piece. But don’t forget that crocs have holes! I’ve been here for three hours and my feet are STILL drying off. You know what? I hope I get sick. I could use the down time.

My North Face jacket and my cute little Old Navy pink and giraffe print umbrella are not cutting the mustard. This weekend, I’m going to buy an umbrella the size of a dining room table and some rain boots so thick you’d need a drill bit to get through them. I may even buy a poncho for good measure. Or maybe I should just man up and get one of these:

A raincoat, waterproof trousers and umbrella in one. Yes, I think I need one of those. If you're driving downtown and you see me crossing the street in a black Hazmat suit, don't worry, we're not under attack! It's just raining!

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  1. For rain boots, let me throw out a suggestion - Sperry makes rain boots that have the cutest prints, seriously thick and very padded on the inside. If you are walking distances, I recommend spending a little more to not have the blisters from cheaper ones. I had Target ones before my Sperrys and I will never go back!


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