Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well I did not come home with a CMA award. But I did come home with an official CMA program and a really fun memory of my first ever live awards show! From start to finish, it was an exciting evening for any fan of country music. I, being a SUPER-fan of country music, had the best time ever. Many many thanks to this guy for the ticket! I am so grateful!
We were told we had to be in our seats at 6:30, in time for the pre-show awards ceremony. That went by really quickly then we watched with eagle eyes for the stars to scurry to their seats minutes and seconds before the live telecast at 7 pm. If you know me at all, you know I have incredibly poor eyesight, even with my -8.5 lenses in, so I was doing good just to tell which were the men and which were the women. Jay was pretty accurate in picking out who was who ("That's Sugarland." "Looks like the Band Perry to me." "Tim and Faith, obviously." etc.) except I did spot Taylor Swift in her really big dress.

We had made our predictions in advance so in between all of the performances, it was fun to see who was gonna win our bet of a home-cooked meal. Out of 12 categories, we only picked the same winner for three of them. I knew I had it in me and sure enough, I won!

My favorite performances were Zac Brown Band's "Georgia On My Mind", Rascal Flatts + Natasha's "Easy", the Lionel Richie medley, Carrie and Brad's "Remind Me" and Sugarland's duet with Matt Nathanson to "Run." I was so happy Miranda and Blake won again!

Click in the photos to see my cute little labels of which stars are sitting where. Were you watching? What was your favorite part?


  1. SO fun!! Brad and Carrie's "Remind Me" was by far my favorite of the night!! Love that song

  2. Jay is pretty handsome.... Not for me, obviously, but you know...


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