Sunday, October 09, 2011


Thanks for the sweet comments and e-mails in response to the post below. Words of encouragement are so appreciated!

Despite my iffy mood, I managed to have a great weekend. Friday after work, I met up with my friend Jay, who even though we live less than one mile from one another, I had not seen since June! We decided to check out a new Jackalope Brewery and Taproom in between our apartments. I had no idea what to expect. Was it a brewery tour? Was it a restaurant? It was actually neither. The beer on tap was delicious and once we each had a glass in hand, we grabbed some complimentary (spicy!) snack mix and found a game room in the back where I kicked somebody's tail in checkers. There was a food truck outside, so after the slaughter game was over, we got some nachos and found a table to hang out at until the place closed around 8:30. Not quite ready to call it a night, we made Jay's inaugural trip to Corner Pub midtown for some... CHEESE BEANS.

If you've never been to Nashville or Corner Pub then you may not understand what a rite of passage these things are. Basically, it's little cubes of cheddar and pepperjack cheese, fried. Sounds like another order of your run of the mill cheese sticks, but trust me when I say it's not!

Saturday, I got to sleep in a little bit, hit the gym and watched a little TV before heading into work. Sadly, the Tigers and I did not continue our tradition of them going undefeated while I am at work. (What was supposed to be) my last Saturday event went off without a hitch and in between checking on a happy bride and groom, I was able to watch a little of the second quarter, and most of the third and fourth.

Today is my sweet friend Kate's birthday so Evan and I treated her to breakfast to get the day started off right. Well, that was the plan anyway. The restaurant ended up treating Kate to breakfast, and Evan and I to a discount, because they were SO SLOW. I am all about supporting small businesses like this one over a big chain. But 90 minutes for variations on eggs, biscuits and bacon? Unacceptable. There was more than one table that arrived after us, got their food, ate, paid and left before we had seen the first piece of toast. It made for a funny story though and we all left full and happy.

After a nap on the couch, I decided to test the waters and try a run since it was such a nice day outside. Y'ALL. I think I managed to do something tonight I didn't even do while I was training for the half. I ran 3 miles and a really long time without stopping to walk once! Again, this was my first run in ages. I have no idea what came over me, but I sure do like it. Maybe I have lately finally found the motivation I needed. I have been saying I want to get back into running for years, but after thoroughly impressing myself tonight, I may finally be there.

Bottom line: I managed to turn the week around and have a pretty good weekend to boot. Hope each of you did as well!

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  1. A run or any physical activity is the best mood lifter ever! It replaces therapy!


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