Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last night I was at work setting up for an event and I had to put votive candles in the bathrooms. I did NOT want to go into the men's room on our floor because I know too many of the men that use said restroom. Oy vey. Didn't want more knowledge than I needed. But I couldn't find a man to take the candles in for me so I had to do what I had to do.

After making sure it was all clear, I stepped in, set the candles down and made sure housekeeping had left everything nice and tidy. As I'm exiting, a male coworker who was working late I guess enters the restroom. You'd think it would be really awkward that I was in the men's room and I was. But sadly, that was not the most awkward part. He was holding a giant slice of chocolate cake!

Can one of you men please explain this to me? Is this a new thing? Eating while... you know? I've heard of multitasking but this (pardon the pun) truly takes the cake!


  1. EWWW! That is totally disgusting. But even worse: what if you were his unsuspecting friend/girlfriend/whatever, innocently waiting back at the party...and later on, when you notice his delicious slice of cake, you snag a bite? Not knowing that it was infected with DISGUSTING BOY BATHROOM GERMS??!!?! I shiver to think of it...

  2. He wasn't a guest of the event- he was here working late. So that begs the question a) where did he get cake and b) WHY WAS HE TAKING IT INTO THE BATHROOM!


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