Thursday, October 06, 2011


A few weeks ago, I saw several posts about what's in people's makeup bags and medicine cabinets. I won't bore you with the details of every single product I use, but I will tell you about some products I picked up recently that are changing my life, one swipe at a time.

I really had to dig deep in my heart to pay close to $8 for deodorant but I'll admit it: I'm a sweater. I sweat bad and I sweat often. Walking to work everyday during the hottest summer in the history of mankind, I hit my limit. I finally bit the bullet and bought some of that clinical strength deodorant they make now a days, Degree to be exact, and I LOVE it. It really does work. My armpits are infinitely more dry than they ever were before. WHO KNEW?!

Secondly, I have started realizing in my "old age" I need to do more for my face besides wash it. Wrinkles aren't going to prevent themselves, you know. So I swung by the Sephora and had them give me a sample of God's gift to eyes everywhere: Clinique All About Eyes: RICH! My dark circles have disappeared in a week, ladies! I am addicted to this product and really can tell a difference.

I also had Marni, my friendly Sephora representative, prepare me some samples of a highly-recommended Peter Thomas Roth mask and a Fresh exfoliant, both of which I like but need to find a cheaper alternative.

It's skincare boot camp up in here!


  1. You can get samples at sephora? Where have I been?

  2. Oh yes ma'am - they will make you a sample of pretty much everything but mascara. Perfume, eye shadow, lipstick, exfoliants, etc.

  3. All about eyes rocks my world. So does the philosophy eye hope stuff... Almost looks like I don't surround myself with crazy third graders by day and a toddler by night!


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