Tuesday, September 13, 2011


War Eagle and Happy Tuesday, kids. Did you have a good weekend? You know I did! I got to Birmingham around 7 pm on Friday after a fun ride with Kate, just in time for some of Chef Jennie's delicious steak tacos. Now if you're wondering "Does she go home to see her family, or to eat her sister's amazing dinners?" the answer is BOTH.

After we had finalized our plans for the next day (not as easy as you'd think, keep reading) we all hit the hay since the alarms were set for 4:45 AM! Oh Auburn, the things I do for you.

For this trip, our resident Bama fan (Jamie) and his Auburn-loving brother (Matt) were joining us. We even twisted Jamie's arm enough to get him to wear a blue shirt! We headed out of town again but not without another prank called to my mom to tell her we overslept again. Still classic!

The four of us met Mom and Fred in Montgomery and rode to Auburn with them. Since we left earlier this week, we had more time to play Gameday than we did last week, so our first stop was Tiger Walk. Matt had NEVER been to an Auburn game in Auburn before so we wanted him to experience the whole kit n' caboodle.
From the Tiger Walk, we headed to the bookstore then back to the tailgate to nibble on something before the game. We dutifully put on our sunscreen (some of us, not enough of it) and then headed to the game!

I'm sure by now you've all heard about poor Spirit's unusual flight. Someone needs to get Harvey Updyke's alibi for Friday night and Saturday morning to make sure he wasn't creeping around the Raptor Center, because something was not right with our little feathered friend:

Between that pre-game flight and the goal-line stop, that game was one big miracle sandwich.
We tailgated more afterward and I got to visit with an Auburn buddy before it was time to pack up and head out. We all went separate ways in Montgomery: Fred to Greenville, Matt back to Mobile, and Mom, Jennie, Jamie and I to Birmingham in her car (which she had left in Montgomery on Friday night).

The day went by so quickly! My next trip to the Plains will be a month from now and I am already looking forward to it! We better take two cars, because once I find out if this little peanut is a boy or girl, Aunt Lindsay will be buying out the AU Bookstore! War Eagle!

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