Thursday, September 22, 2011


Guess what, kids? I finally saved more than I spent! Isn't that great news?! What a milestone!

Oh um, by the way... it was these that I bought:
But thanks to some sweet coupons and discounts that I had been saving up on (if you don't shop there you are missing out!), I got these great boots for less than half of the price. If only I was as motivated to do the same thing at Publix. Oh well.


  1. Teach us your piperlime discount tricks of the trade!

    I've had those boots for a year or two and LOVE them! Good choice.

  2. Thanks girl!

    It's all about the Gap Card. 10% off every Tuesday on, plus you get rewards (anywhere from $10 to $50) in the mail for spending a certain amount on the card. The rewards aren't just good at Gap - good at Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athetica, and Piperlime too. So I used several of those :) and a 20% off any purchase over $100 that PL sent me in the mail... tried to use a Tuesday 10% off too but that 20% couldn't be combined.

  3. love the boots! you are so cute and trendy :D


Oh goody!

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