Friday, September 30, 2011


First of all, let's get this out of the way. TODAY IS THE DAY WE FIND OUT IF BABY G IS A BOY OR GIRL!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Nin (not the final name, by the way) is beside herself to find out whether she will be buying babydolls or dumptrucks. But I can't reveal what I find until later in the weekend, so I have to talk about something else until then.

So! Look at this here article that was at the tippy-top of the this morning: Reunions Not the Same Since Facebook... Why Go?

Funny that the very day I head home for my class reunion, that's the first article I read. I mentioned the other week that I was helping to plan my 10-year reunion, which kicks off tonight. We've planned a really nice, affordable (I believe so, anyway) intimate gathering for tomorrow night, preceded by a kid-friendly picnic in the park tomorrow afternoon and of course, the Homecoming dinner and game tonight. This journalist should have just called me because I have some really fun facts I could have shared. Like, that less than 30% of my class of 100 is attending. Heck, people that didn't even officially graduate with us are coming, and I don't mean spouses or significant others.

Maybe I should be more specific when I say "attending." Less than 30% are attending the Saturday evening portion. Several additional folks have told us they'll only be at the Friday night game, I assume because it's free. Fine by me. I won't argue with you over money by any stretch. What I will argue with is the excuses that we've been given such as I'm too busy or just simply, I can't make it.

SO I think this article hit the nail on the head. While Facebook has been extremely helpful in contacting people for this thing, it's also I think the new worst enemy of a class reunion. If I want to know what so-and-so is doing, I can look it up on Facebook. The motivation to re-connect with everyone isn't there like it was for our parents' generation.

As for this girl, I am pumped up and can't wait to see those that DID buy tickets and CAN make it. It'll be a happy crowd of sweet, supportive folks that genuinely want to be there. Basically the same ones that stayed up til 2 am every year to finish our class float for the Homecoming parade. One anonymous individual even changed his family's vacation plans to be there, after seeing the onslaught of "feedback" that we were getting over this shindig. His first drink's on me. Someone else bought a pair of tickets just to show his support, even though he can't be there (for a very good reason). So, just when I thought it was almost shot to hell, my faith in humanity is restored.

I'll end by saying this: if you "make it" to your class reunion, please thank your class officers. And if you're a class officer trying to plan one right now, e-mail me for some words of comfort or advice (your choice). It's a lot harder to plan a class reunion than you think. Keep in mind I plan events for a LIVING and this is one of the hardest things I've ever helped with. Admittedly, that's probably my fault. Since it was not for work, I was more personally invested, and therefore, much more subject to get my feelings hurt.

But enough about that. All the planning is done and the fun part can begin. And this hot mama is bringing her camera, so expect lots of amazing pictures!

Go Lions!

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  1. My class reunion was supposed to be this year, and after cancelling the initial plans to have it in Birmingham at The Club due to complaints over cost (it's once every ten years, people), someone else offered to plan it. After several of us had paid, it was cancelled one week prior due to lack of participation. That was several months ago and none of us have gotten a refund. The girl who was planning it deleted her FB account and blocked us all from her email, and while I've just written of the 70$ for my husband and my ticket, others have chosen to contact her parents, and the authorities! Cuh-razy! I was and still am beyond disappointed by these unfortunate turn of events, so count your blessings that yours actually happened at all!!


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