Monday, September 26, 2011


Sorry to leave you hanging - I was too busy cuddling up to my new boots and my sister's belly.

The boots* got here Friday afternoon (less than 72 hours after I ordered them, mind you) and my sister got here shortly thereafter. We grabbed dinner at NY Pie and went to her favorite Old Navy (the only one around that sells maternity clothes in-store) and a few other places before heading back home to watch the newest episode of AU Football Every Day.

Saturday, we had a quick breakfast at home while the traffic died down around us from the half-marathon we did not run (ha), then set out to do some more shopping, get pedicures, see the Lion King 3D and swing by the Kroger for chili ingredients for dinner. I think it's safe to say the chili was better than the game was. But we won and that's that! I have faith!

Sunday morning, we got breakfast at a cute little diner on the other side of the river before we headed out for a bit more... wait for it... shopping (we were looking for baby bargains!) and then split ways. Someone had to get home to go grocery shopping for a big gender reveal dinner on Friday night! And I had to go the gym so I can eat that dinner.

Much to my chagrin, the bebé did not decide to make itself perceivable via interpretive movement to his or her auntie quite yet. I was hoping s/he'd decide to kick for me, either during the Auburn game or in an approving response to my chili, but maybe the baby is just as comfortable and relaxed in Tennessee as his or her mama is!

*Okay so back to the boots. I put them on as soon as I got home and they fit so well! I took a pic and tweeted it, mentioning Piperlime of course, and guess who tweeted me back just now? Piperlime! HAVE I MENTIONED I LOVE THAT WEBSITE?!

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