Thursday, September 08, 2011



Backstreet's back, alright! And so am I!

A lot has happened since we discovered Bamalicious. Where should I start?!

First and foremost, in mid-August I started a new job. I'm still in the same department at my same place of employment, but what a difference two cubbies down can make! My hours are a lot more stable (9 to 5), my routine is a lot more regular (M-F), and my smile a lot bigger!

Therefore, there's no moss growing under MY feet. I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger!

Carrie, Leslie and I teamed up for the most recent Bacchanalian Society event, which I have talked about on here before. Teams of up to three people bring wine, two bottles of which are put out to taste and one bottle of which is reserved for the winners. This year, the event was at the Adventure Science Center, which is the Nashville equivalent of the McWane center. You can just imagine how much fun we had. Other people were giving us dirty looks but we had more fun playing than we did drinking wine equal amounts of fun playing AND drinking wine. Exhibit A:

Also that week, Evan and I decided to buy last-minute tickets to the Katy Perry concert when she breezed through town. It was soooo fun! We were on practically the back row, but that did not stop us from singing ourselves hoarse and dancing up a storm. I got so carried away in fact that I accidentally dropped my camera case and it landed on a lady's head three rows down (I got it back). What can I say? California Girls are undeniable! And so is Katy Perry! It was a perry good time.

We had our first bunko on the last Wednesday of August. It was at MB's house. We have changed up our bunko rules for this season; two years of playing really wore us out. This year, we are alternating a Bunko night followed by an "activity" night, where we will all go do something interesting. A visit to the vineyards, a trip to play laser tag, etc. There have been some really good ideas tossed out and I am excited about some new adventures with my bunko ladies. Good thing I have been practicing my laser skills (see photo above)!

This past weekend I made the first of at least three trips to Auburn via Birmingham. Evan and I had a fun car ride down together and he dropped me at Jennie and Jamie's house, where a delicious homemade dinner was being whipped up. We woke up at 5:45 am the next morning, prank called my mom to tell her we overslept (hilarious) and then hit the road with Linda and Fred. Pulling into Auburn felt so good! Winning the game felt even better! Rubbing my sister's belly while we were coming back to win the game was the BEST! Baby G might be our lucky charm? Also, more than once I was overcome with the sensation of how RIGHT it is now that I can come to as many games as I want... as opposed to trying to squeeze at least one in.

I spent the remainder of the long weekend with my family. My sister and her husband are participating in my mom's neighborhood-wide garage sale, so we spent some time at Mom's house so they could continue to sort through things. I had a blast digging up old calendars, my CWE notebook, some Miss Homecoming stuff, and a few things from my senior year of high school...

...which brings me to the latest thing I have been up to lately: helping to plan my class reunion. SIGH. Even though I was not a class officer, I offered to help plan the reunion, seeing as how I do this for a living. Of all the bumps in the road you encounter with planning any event, the hardest bump to navigate for me has been the sheer volume of people who have flat-out ignored those of us trying to put this thing together. Don't get me started. I have been happily plugging away behind-the-scenes, and it wasn't until we made a strong push in the last few weeks to sell the tickets that I have wanted to cancel the whole thing out of frustration. Not over the attendance, not over the budget, at being ignored. By the same people. Multiple times. Maybe this is just practice for the wedding I will plan one day.

But that's all I will say about that. Since I hate being ignored, I will pay it forward and stop ignoring my blog too. OKAY, MOM??

This weekend I am heading back to Birmingham/Auburn to see the defending National Champs! Let me know if you will be there, too!


  1. Girl...don't even get me started with planning a high school reunion. I too was not a class officer and I too volunteered to help. In fact, not one class officer helped plan any of it-none of them wanted anything to do with it. We thought we were going to have to cancel 2 weeks prior to the grand shin-dig (we ended up having to cancel the caterer because we didn't have enough money and got LaPaz to cater at the last minute). We probably sold 25 tickets the day before/day annoying!! And then people were complaining about the price!!!

  2. Your Bunko wised up and did the same thing mine did--only we haven't touched a pair of dice in 5 years! We go eat Mexican, go to a movie, the Lake or anything to visit and catch up! Rolling stupid dice just got in the way! So much fun now!!!

  3. From the Hey Dude theme song to Backstreet's Back-you have put some crazy songs in my head!! :)


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