Friday, September 09, 2011


As you know, I was at the Auburn football game last week. I screamed myself hoarse. It was such a thrilling, exciting victory, but I was having a blast nonetheless.

I know this sounds really spoiled and really lame to a lot of you, but to go from being at all but one game (give or take) a season to ONLY one game a season is a tough, rough pill to swallow. Throw shoes at me now please. My point is that for me, Auburn is not a school, a football team or a place - it is truly a way of life.

So to be back on the Plains for a gameday, knowing that due to recent events, it would NOT be my only trip for a year, was just too much fun. I was soaking it all up and having a ball until one little thing set me off.

I have done the reverse "Rammer Jammer" more than once after beating Alabama - after all, that has happened 16 of my 28 years on earth (six years in a row, recently). But those are the ONLY times I have participated in the reverse "Rammer Jammer." I wouldn't dream of doing it otherwise.

So someone explain to me WHY at the opening game against Utah State, our student section was repeatedly doing reverse "Rammer Jammer" like it was November 26, 2010?! I was appalled!

Students, students, students! Don't you see? THAT'S NOT OUR CHEER. We ONLY do that cheer when there are Bama fans around to hear it and bemoan the fact that we just beat the snot out of them! We don't do it when we're playing Utah State! Or Mississippi State! Or any other team but Alabama. I bet the Utah State fan that was at the game was so confused.

That's the beauty of even doing "Rammer Jammer" in reverse. We only do it when they are around to hear it. "If a tree falls in the woods" ...and all that.

We have plenty of cheers to do. Didn't you pay attention at your Camp War Eagle pep rally? Can I interest you in Bodda Getta? What about a classic Track 'Em? Or if you're just looking for something new to do, allow me to point the way!

I appreciate the fact that you are practicing up. Like Sister Mary Clarence's choir of nuns, you just want to be ready for your big show for the Pope. I get it. But I know I am not alone when I say that as a proud graduate who stood (the entire game) in that student section for five years, the fact that you current lot have started taking your cues from Alabama fans is a pretty scary thing. What's next, orange and blue houndstooth? Gag me.

For the love of all things Auburn, let's leave "Rammer Jammer" where it belongs and when it counts. You'll know it's time when the scoreboard looks like this:


  1. I agree! I am the first to holler some "reverse Rammer Jammer" when the time is right, but when Alabama is playing another team 150 miles away, it just seems ... dumb. War Eagle!

  2. Thanks for the blog. They've been doing it for about 3 or 4 years now, and it's stuck in their minds that it's cool/funny. I have yet to think of an effective way to get them to stop. Leading by example doesn't seem to work in this case...

  3. it's not the full reverse of Rammer Jammer we say, just the go to hell alabama part. Anonymous it's not just us, I've seen plenty of older fans do it to. It's simply a quick poke at bama, nothing more nothing less

  4. Aaron, I'm all for the quick jab at the bammers but she's right. It's really confusing for fans from out of state to hear us doing this. We were out in Phoenix the night before the NC and the band at the bar played Sweet Home Alabama. A big group of fellow Auburn folks sang the "F-U Alabama" version and the look of confusion on the Oregon fans faces as to why we were saying F-U to our own state said it all. If Bama fans are there to hear and be annoyed by it, it makes sense. Otherwise, I agree with the "if a tree falls in the woods" stance.

  5. I've been back to a few games in the five years since I graduated and this is the first time I've heard it not at a Bama game.

    And yes, it was the "full" reverse of Rammer Jammer. Hey Alabama? check. We're gonna beat the hell outta you? check. Rammer Jammer etc etc etc? check. That's the whole cheer... right?

    And if I'm being 100% honest, I'm less worried what other teams think and more concerned that Bama will notice we are copying them and think it's for a reason. My request for them to stop is completely out of Auburn pride :) We don't need their coach, their players or their cheers!

  6. I thin nk the right step is to mail this letter to the Plainsman--then you would hit the right audience!

  7. *UPDATE: Went back to Auburn this weekend and paid special attention to the Hey Song (after all, that is what the song/chant is really called). This week, the kids were doing the traditional "Go Tigers, Go Tigers, Go Tigers, Go" followed by a big ole Rammer Jammer. HOWEVER, I vow to you that last week the students were doing the whole thing, start to finish. I remember because my sister and I were doing "Go Tigers" and we were not in sync with everyone else. I said to my sister, "Did they change the words to this?" and she said "No, I think they're doing Rammer Jammer!" so we listened and sure enough, they were. So I stand partially corrected there. But still; the point remains.

    Also, do not call me a moron in the comments or it will get deleted. Thanks.


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