Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Friday afternoon, I threw some clothes in a bag, met Evan in Decatur and headed to Smith Lake to spend a weekend with former Nashvillians, the Waldrons! It was the perfect vacation. We had great weather, great food, and great FUN! Since pictures are worth a thousand words, and I took about a thousand pictures (or less... right Evan?), I'll just let the pictures tell the story. It was a blast. I hope we are invited back!

But first, a few quick humblebrags: You should know that the last time I went tubing, I was 11 years old and shattered my ear drum when I was flung out of the tube. So to say I was a little... skittish?... would be a huge understatement. Would you be eager to hop on something that required surgery the last time you were on it? In the words of Kevin McCallister: I don't think so.

You should ALSO know that I have never skied on real skis. First of all, our youth skis had the rope tied to them, hence the skis beared the initial pull of the boat, leaving me void of that that painful "hey look, there went my arms!" feeling that I became accustomed to this weekend. Additionally, the skis were tied to each other, so you had a lot more stability when trying to get up out of the water. Let me just say that having to hold onto a rope and finagle both of those large, awkward skis to go in the proper direction is MUCH harder than I thought. It only took six tries for me to get it right, but eventually I did. Quite a feat, considering it had been 17 years since I'd even attempted!

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  1. OK Baby Girl, This should be in your 30 by 30 list: Learned to ski/tube again! YAY!!


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