Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am getting some great practice towards my Aunt of the Year campaign. Baby girls seem to be en vogue right now. I am hoping they are en vogue for at least 5 more weeks!

While I was in Birmingham, I got to visit with an old friend and a new friend! Tap-dancing, NKTOB-loving Allison and her husband live in Birmingham now and just welcomed a gorgeous little bundle of joy named Harper! She is so beautiful!

In July, we welcomed our second bunko legacy. First Ellie, now Miss Madelyn! I took her mom and dad some dinner this past Monday and got to visit with the little angel. As you can see, we bonded right away.

Baby G, your aunt is ready to love on you too! But since I have to wait until February, can you do me a small favor in the mean time? Don't be shy in five weeks when your mom and dad go to find out what kind of little baby you are!

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