Friday, August 05, 2011


Several months ago, my sister excitedly asked me to put them down for a visit on last weekend in July. When I asked why, she told me that her husband, my dear brother-in-law, had found out there was a Star Trek convention in Nashville that weekend and he wanted to attend. Not one to question any excuse for visitors, I marked the weekend off.

They rolled into town late Friday, which was the perfect time to go get some of that delicious Jeni's ice cream I have raved about before. We hit the hay afterward, gearing up for a big day the next day!

After a quick trip to find some maternity pants for the mommy-to-be, we grabbed lunch and headed east of town to visit the Hermitage, former home of President Andrew Jackson. I had been touting this attraction to Jennie and Jamie for a while. They are both huge history nerds (in the most endearing way), and I knew that this is something they wouldn't want to miss as they have gone out of their way to visit many other former Presidents' homes. And since I, too, had never been to the Hermitage (something most Nashvillians do in elementary school), I was more than happy to check this one off the list with them.

We paid admission and watched a short film about "Old Hickory" himself before getting our complimentary audio guides and moseying off toward the mansion. The landscaping is gorgeous all across the plantation, so the walking part was actually a treat. We had contemplated squeezing this in during their visit this past December, but I am so glad we waited until this time of year because it meant all the gardens were in bloom! Exhibit A:
The audio guides told us all we could want to know about what the property was like in Jackson's day, from how people arrived in their horse and buggy, to how food was prepared and what time it was served (dinner at 3 pm, anyone?). We enjoyed seeing the mansion with original decor as well as the tomb and the gardens. I also learned lots about our seventh President. I was so "learned" out in fact, that I sat out while they hit the last few stops on the property (the well, etc.).
We were exhausted so after some Chick-Fil-A lemonades and a quick nap, we freshened up and headed off to dinner and a movie. Dinner: Germantown Café, one of my sister's favorite places to eat in Nashville. Movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love which was crazy, stupid GOOD. I loved it. Go see it!

We ate breakfast together Sunday morning before shipping Jamie off to the convention and heading off on all of our girly errands. We got pedicures, went to the mall, looked at baby stuff... fun sister things! Mom rolled into town around 3:30, we ate dinner with some friends and then it was back home for Jennie and Jamie and to the Ryman for Mom and me.

Thanks for coming to see me, darlings! Let's do it again soon!

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