Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Set your DVRs or cancel your plans! Tonight VH1 is airing the Behind the Music of Miranda Lambert. Woop woop!

Click here if you want to see a sneak peak, featuring how she and Blake Shelton met.

Fun fact: I was present that night! I was recruited via e-mail to be in the audience for the taping they talk about in that video. I even convinced my sister and her best friend to drive up for it. My friend that came with me recognized Miranda from Nashville Star. I had no idea who she was (I didn't even get a picture of her singing... just Blake, haha!) but I vividly remember how intensely they were staring at each other while they were singing. They have words for it that I'm not going to repeat here. Then her album came out soon afterward and I was a big, big fan.

Look who else was in attendance that night, exactly two weeks off her American Idol victory. Poor thing, they didn't even let her stay backstage after her performance. Cue the crazy fans wanting photos:
Another fun fact: that purse I am holding was stolen out of my car a few weeks later. Which is why I never leave anything valuable in my car!

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