Sunday, July 10, 2011


While I work on the handful of questions I received, how about I tell you about my weekend?

Friday night after work, I met Kate for some dinner. We decided to head out to the new TAZIKI'S, which is finally open in Cool Springs. I had not been there yet so I was super excited to try it out:
It was delicious. My only complaint was that the potato chips aren't the same potato chips as they serve in Birmingham, and if you don't think I'm gonna tell someone, you underestimate my love of potato chips.

While in Cool Springs, we ran some more errands, including picking up a new hair dryer for yours truly. My hair was DOA Friday morning. It was pretty old in hairdryer years. I've never missed dorm life quite like I did on Friday. I was up a creek while getting ready for work. Good times.

On Saturday I slept in a bit, had to pop into work, ran errands, then grabbed Kate and went to pick up Evan who was in town for a matter of hours. He picked a yummy place to eat in East Nashville called the Silly Goose, and being the gentlemen that he is, ordered this cheese plate appetizer for us to share:
It was as delicious as it looks, naturally. And dinner that followed was even better. But the REAL highlight of the night came when we wandered next door to Jeni's, the new ice cream shop in town. OH. MY. LORD. Forget everything you ever knew about ice cream. This stuff is UNREAL. Naturally, I had to do some taste testing before deciding what I wanted to chow down on... that would be six spoons in my hands. Glutton much?
Their salty caramel ice cream will make you CRY its so good. Every one of you get in your car, come to Nashville and GET TO JENI'S. If there is one in your town or they sell it by the pint in your town (cough Birmingham cough), go pick some up today. It's THAT good. And you thought I liked potato chips! Ha!

After we were full as ticks, we went back to Evan's and played games with his roommate and a buddy. I finally got to crack open my Game of Things and it did not disappoint. Three of the five of us laughed until we cried and I can safely say I have NEVER seen Evan laugh that hard before! Such a fun night.

Today, I tried a new church I've never been to before, ate a yummy lunch, went to the pool and whipped up a dish I've seen floating around on Pinterest: garlic/honey/balsamic chicken with pesto orzo. I didn't follow the instructions exactly, so my sauce was more like a glaze, but it was pretty good.

So to sum my weekend up, I ate, I ate, I ate then ate some more. Lord help me. Hope y'all had a full weekend too!

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