Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Another piece of news... nothing as earth-shattering or scream-inducing as yesterday's though.

I have taken a position on the advisory board for a local ADPi chapter!

Now, before you fall out of your seat laughing, let me just say that I LOVED my year on the executive board of my sorority. The hardest thing about it was the advisers*. All of them were incredibly sweet women who went out of their way to open their hearts and homes to us youngsters. But they were very "old school" in an increasingly "new school" world. This chapter has very young advisers, like yours truly. I met with the main chapter adviser, who came from a big school like me, and I really liked her way of thinking. She told me some examples of how she stuck her neck out for her girls against pressure from nationals (costing them the Golden Lion) and I was really impressed with her rationale.

I loved my college experience, especially the ADPi part. I hope to impact this group of women's experience for the better, even in the smallest of ways.

And to those of you who think this is completely nerdy, keep it to yourself!

*P.S.: Yes, that is how you spell adviser. Look it up.


  1. I am looking forward to hearing some stories! I can only imagine the things you will face. You had me curious with the "Azure" title.

  2. LOVE IT! Which position are you?

  3. Seeing the words Gold Lion reminds me of the time I stole it from the chapter room. It took residence in the chapter room of another well know Auburn sorority for quite a bit. Good times.


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