Monday, June 06, 2011


Y'all know that as a rule I don't talk about my job on this blog. But guess what. My job has started a blog. And guess who has been tapped to contribute?

Before I give you the link, everyone has to take the following pledge (MOM). Please repeat out loud: "I, (insert your name here), do hereby promise I will NOT embarrass my friend with ridiculous comments on her very professional and super serious work blog. When I comment, I will not use exclamation points without abandon and certainly will refrain from mentioning her other blog (as in 'This is so much better than anything she writes on her other blog!'), so help me Grilled Cheesus. Amen."

It is public, after all, and I'd like to do my part to promote it, so feel free to share with your friends and/or leave interesting (and appropriate!) comments. If we can agree to those terms, then I look forward to finally getting to tell you more about my job! But the first person that acts up is getting voted off the island, capish?

So, without further adieu, If you've ever wondered where I spend all my time and what I do, click here!


  1. I bet you laugh at every (all) my sentences with a million exclamation marks! I use them a lot!!! My sister makes fun of me!!! ;-)

    Going to have to check out the work blog.

  2. Read it when you posted on facebook earlier today. You should be very proud of yourself!


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