Sunday, June 26, 2011


If you thought the birthday fun ended Tuesday night, then you're wrong! And probably new around here.

It doesn't technically have anything to do with my birthday, but a gathering is a gathering and on Wednesday night, we gathered for safari bunko. It was our last bunko of the "season" and we are now planning our banquet (dinner out), deciding who we are inviting in for next "season" to fill spots that have been vacated and discussing changes we want to make to next year's plan (i.e. not actually play bunko every time). Very important discussions, clearly. Since Mary Byrne had just returned from a real live safari to Kenya*, everyone donned her best neutrals and/or animal print and the herd gathered at MB's hut.

The next night, Kate had Evan and me over for one of my favorite things in life: breakfast for dinner. She made a delicious breakfast casserole, cheese grits and cinnamon rolls, all washed down with yummy mimosas. It was fun to toast with friends and continue the celebrating.

On Friday, I toted these GORGEOUS birthday flowers home from work, so they could brighten my home like they had brightened my desk all week:

and spent the night tidying up my house because on Saturday, sweet Katie drove over from Memphis to spend the day with me! We went to the mall, got each other pedicures for our birthdays, did lots of eating out and went to see a movie. It was SO FUN just pal-ing around town with a girlfriend. I did not get a picture of us, but I did get a picture of something equally as sweet: these brown butter and sea salt chocolate chip cookies that I made for her. They were AMAZING. In a well-constructed effort not to finish them all by myself, I froze half of the dough so whoever is next to come visit me gets the pleasure as well:

And speaking of finishing things, today I finished Tina Fey's HILARIOUS book Bossypants that I expect each one of you to buy or borrow immediately. It was delightful.

I hope your weekend was equally sweet!

*Go look at her pictures. She stayed by a watering hole, just like in Madagascar or Lion King or some other animated Disney film. Unbelievable.

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  1. LOVED seeing you. LOVED the cookies (they're gone already). Still LOVE my pedicure. And my goofy library won't let me request a 7-day popular book (Bossypants), so I just have to check ALL THE DANG TIME to see if it's been returned. I WILL triumph...eventually! Already miss yoU!!


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