Monday, May 09, 2011


One of the things that I love about life these days is my expanding palette. The past few times I have dined with my sister, she has commented on all the things I eat now that I didn't used to, either by intention or omission. As you could guess, it's mostly vegetables (as if I have ever met a carb I didn't like).

Avacados! Yum! Peppers! Yum! Squash! Yum! Zucchini! Yum! Tomatoes! Yum! Edamame? YUM. And that's just a partial list. You already know how I feel about asparagus. I'll even eat onions now, kids. Unfortunately, so far there appears to be no hope for mushrooms or seafood.

I don't know why I hated all these things when I was little. I probably saw my sister turn her nose up to each and followed suit. You know how kids are. Except I continued this way past childhood. And both of my grandfathers had gardens! What a shame. And truthfully, a lot of the reasons I like them now is because of work, where I have had the opportunity to taste things that I have never tasted before (at no cost to me).

Typing it all out, I am starting to realize how pathetic this really sounds.

Regardless! Fueled by my desire to eat healthier, I went to Publix yesterday and made two friends*. John works the produce section every Sunday and he's going to help me learn my way around these vegetables and more. When I asked him what I look for when shopping for zucchini, he gave me a 5-minute lesson and also cooking suggestions. What customer service!

And now my fridge is stocked with yummy fresh green things: broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini and there are even two big fat heirloom tomatoes on my counter (never refrigerate tomatoes!) There were things I wanted to get but knew I can only eat so much in one week, so I already have things I want to try next week. I wish I had a grill, but don't think I am above some intense roasting.

If only I was as good a cook as Evan or my sister!


  1. You need this G. Foreman grill I have... Marinate all of them and slap them on there! YUMMM!
    It's about time you learned to eat your veggies!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Lindsay! You're a good cook. Repeat after me... "I THINK I CAN... I THINK I CAN"!


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