Monday, May 23, 2011


What a busy, busy weekend! What DIDN'T I get into? Oh! Pirates 4. I didn't make it to the theater for Pirates. But read what all I did and you'll see why!

Friday night, I made myself an amazing dinner at home - steak and veggies! - and watched the King's Speech, which I really liked. I had to be at work bright and early Saturday, so I was a good girl and went to sleep at a decent hour.

On Saturday, I worked some of the day and immediately afterward, changed into a swimsuit and headed over to a friend's house to celebrate Evan and Elliott's birthday! This was my first foray into suburbia since the Cicada invasion. Living and working downtown, I have come in contact with exactly ONE Cicada. On the drive to Andy's house, I almost wrecked because I was so distracted by what was going on. I could hear the loud chirping inside my car! I even took a video for posterity's sake. Unreal, those bugs.

But it was worth the risk! We had fun celebrating everyone's favorite twins, even when it started to rain! We just retreated to the porch where our host had whipped up yummy burgers and there was birthday cake of course. It was a good time and I was super glad I timed "cheat day" so perfectly.

After the party broke up, Evan, Elliott and I regrouped at my apartment where we had plans to bake cupcakes. Evan had picked out a recipe for Cookie Dough cupcakes and in true Evan fashion, knocked them out of the dang park. I'll post the recipe and pictures tomorrow.; they deserve their own post. They were delicious!

While Evan was baking and I was helping, Elliott had invited a friend from work over. Fine by me; I like a cute, single man as much as the next girl. And this guy in particular makes his television debut tonight on a well-known show on ABC involving roses. It sounded really promising. Until I met him. WHAT A JACKASS. I have never been more grossed out and turned off in such a short amount of time. Either some of the "eligible bachelors" they cast on that show are actually not that eligible, or he slipped through the cracks. Here's how bad it was: he was irritating me/us so bad that E and E had to pretend to leave and go home, just so this guy would take the hint and follow them out the door. Then they circled the block and came back inside. Spoiler alert: he goes home the first night. Shocking. And in a related story, after that I'm never going on reality TV to look for a husband.

Still cackling about what had just happened, and full from yummy and delicious cupcakes, we headed out to continue the birthday celebration with more friends. We danced and had a great time!

I worked all day yesterday before falling into bed after midnight. I haven't even had time to watch Justin and Gaga on SNL yet! Told you it was a busy weekend.

Hope you had a good, busy weekend too!


  1. justin and gaga were HILARIOUS. i esp loved the first skit they did where jt is a beer bottle. matt and i didn't quit laughing for like ever. what a GREAT weekend you had!! text me who the guy was that you met. matt is a bachelorette fanatic (more so than the hand sisters, can you believe it?) and we will be watching and i will want to know who the chotch is!

  2. Research and process of elimination brings me to this guy...

    hot or cold?

  3. Ding Ding Ding. Looks like he DEFINITELY slipped through the cracks.

  4. omg! drunk guy was at your house!? that makes you famous! ;) how funny!! JT and Gaga were fab - and their beer/wine skit was my favorite. Comer shot lemonade out of his nose he was laughing so hard!

  5. No, Lauren. Another one. Dancing man.


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