Saturday, May 07, 2011


Well, I survived. Las Vegas was amazing and so much fun. We really had a blast!

After leaving a rainy, dreary Nashville (haha!) and a day full of some the most turbulent flying I've ever been witness to, we got there Sunday afternoon and our first task was to get THIS to the hotel:
Yes, there is something in that box that Evan uses for work. In fact, the contents of that box are the sole reason why we were there. If you are having trouble understanding how large this box was, visualize a small apartment on wheels. You should have seen it coming around the luggage carousel. Later in the trip, I got the bright idea to get inside it and almost had Evan push me around the lobby so I could jump out and scare people. HOW hilarious would that have been? I didn't want to get kicked out of the hotel so we kept the tomfoolery just to our room.

So after a cab ride to the Venetian a.k.a our SWANKY hotel, we checked in and guess who surprised me with a strip-view room? Cue the dance party. Our room suite was so nice. The bathroom, the bed, the sunken living room, the view: it was all so elegant and gorgeous. I'll tell you this: when I own a house, there WILL be a TV in the bathroom, and I kind of question my life's direction thus far since I don't have one yet. Best thing ever! Second-best thing ever? This view:

So we freshened up and set off for dinner. We just decided to wander until we found something, so our strolling led us to Wolfgang Puck's Postrio, located in the St. Mark's Square replica in our hotel. We were enjoying dinner when Evan got a little ping on his phone that Obama was about to make an unscheduled announcement. You know where that went. At some point between the news breaking via social media and the President's speech, applause and cheers erupted from the restaurant across the way and quickly caught on until all the Americans (there were a LOT of foreign tourists in the Square) were cheering and clapping. I bet anyone who didn't have their cell phone in front of them was REALLY confused but it I'm pretty sure I'll never forget that moment.
From there, we strolled further south so Evan could see the Strip; specifically, the Bellagio fountains. As if the night wasn't already perfect, the fountains' first number was God Bless the USA. Well played, Bellagio! Chill bumps! We stayed long enough to see two more performances before deciding it was time to hit the hay.

Monday morning, we found some breakfast, got Evan registered for his work (oh yeah, that) and we then hit the amazing pool. We split some yummy sangria and enjoyed wading around in the shallow pool. One of my favorite things about the Venetian is the staff that bring you treats while you are laying out! Orange wedges. Cucumber slices. Frozen towels. Any minute I expected someone to start popping grapes in my mouth. Eventually we dragged ourselves away from our lounge chairs t commence with the evening's plans. Since Evan had to be on the clock that evening, I was left to strike out on my own. I decided to use my student discount get a ticket to see LOVE, the Cirque show set to Beatles music. It was AMAZING. I was so impressed with the many ways they interpreted the songs. If you like the Beatles, you will probably love LOVE! We met back up afterward and just strolled around until we decided to call it a day.

Tuesday morning, Evan brought me breakfast in bed! Talk about a way to start the day! He had to work most of the afternoon, so I set off for a little window-shopping and sight-seeing followed by some pool time of course before getting dressed up for a big night on the town at the hotel next to ours: the Wynn.
After picking up our show tickets, Evan picked Okada, a Japanese restaurant, for our dinner destination. We asked our poor waitress so many questions, I thought she was going to stab one of us in the eye with a chopstick. She steered us toward some great choices and it was a delicious meal. Afterward, we played some penny slots and stirred up mischief until it was time to see La Reve. What an amazing show! It takes place in a water theater but there are quite a bit of aerial elements to the show as well. We attempted to go to a club after dinner but got too sleepy to wait in the long, long lines.

Wednesday started off with more breakfast in bed (I know, right?) followed by some playing in the box followed by more pool time for both of us. Evan had to took a quick break to wrap up the work portion of the trip but then rejoined me. The sun zapped us both pretty hard, so after a quick nap, we wandered off again to see what our last evening in Vegas would hold.
We wanted to see the new hotels so we walked down to the Cosmopolitan and Aria. Let me just say the Cosmopolitan is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. Not just hotels I've ever seen - things. It was stunning! One day, when I've graduated from part-time moocher to full-fledged Golddigger, I plan to stay there! We chose to eat at Holstein's, a funky burgers and shakes place in the Cosmopolitan and then walked over next door to Aria, which was also beautiful. We saw the Elvis theater*, where a new Cirque production to Elvis music takes place, and strolled around a little bit more before taking a cab back to the Venetian. I told you the sun zapped us! What a pair.
Evan and his big red box left for the airport early the next morning while I had the ENTIRE day to kill. Originally, I was planning to leave Vegas on Wednesday, so I was going to book the last flight out of town so I'd have some time to kill at the pool or something. It wasn't until Evan pointed out that I actually booked the last flight out of town on Thursday that I realized I had made a boo-boo. So I slept in, sat by the pool for a few hours and then caught a shuttle to the airport. And since he'd already been home a good seven hours, take a wild guess at who picked me up from the airport? Yes, Evan. What a winner.

I was hoping for a very relaxing and very fun trip with my BFF and I got it in spades. It was a great getaway! I am so thankful to Evan for his graciousness. We really did have so much fun.

PS - remember the Elvis theater? While sitting in the airport, I found out Lisa Kudrow had been to see the show the same night Evan and I were stalking around that theater! I was YARDS away from Phoebe and had no idea!


  1. Thanks for the sweet post, Lindsay! It was so much fun having you there. Cheers to more fun trips in the future!

  2. Fun times!! Sounds like you guys had a blast!

  3. i love this post. it sounds like yall had a blast - and evan sounds like one heck of a guy!!!


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