Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Guess whose birthday is today?
Happy birthday, Cam!

Since we've only met for approximately 60 seconds, I decided to do some research to see how compatible Cam and I really are. Lucky for me, based on our signs, we're good to go!

"Taurus man and Cancer woman are one those few people who were meant to be together. Her imagination will always interest him and he, in turn, will find newer ways of romancing her. Both the individuals are very emotional and will fulfill each other's needs in this aspect. He wants a warm, cuddly home and she will always be willing to provide him that. On the other hand, his protective attitude will always give her the security she most desperately needs. The Bull is as devoted as the Crab and except for a few hiccups, the sailing will be smooth."

Well that sounds good to me! The part about my "imagination" is really hard for me to believe, though...

I hope "God be blessin'" you lots on your twenty-second birthday, dear!

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