Thursday, April 21, 2011


Right now I am sitting on my sister's couch at her home in Birmingham. We are watching the Judds reality show that she DVRed and saved for me to watch. Naomi my mom is here too and we are all eating homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream. THIS is a vacation.

Spa Day 2011 was great. It was too cold and slightly overcast so I didn't get to take advantage of the facilities quite like I had planned, but hours later I am still very happy and more relaxed than Paula Abdul at a pharmaceutical convention.

The other news you don't know about this week is that the car was broken into for a third time. Items were stolen but nothing crazy like the computer or my purse. I don't feel like I'm being stalked anymore since things were taken and maybe the thief will just. move. on. I was going to have the officer fingerprint the car but it had been raining so that was not possible.

What else? It's been a busy, exhausting week. I am glad to be home for a few days to recharge my battery before ANOTHER busy week!

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