Monday, April 25, 2011


What a fun weekend to Alabama! It was so nice having an extra day to play. I think I need to take more Fridays off. TBD on where I'll spend them.

So, as you know, I drove home on Thursday night and went straight to my sister's house. After dinner, she made some homemade chocolate-chip cookie ice cream! It was delicious (of course; as if you can screw that up) and four people knocked it back pretty fast.
Friday morning, after some homemade pancakes (it's like staying at Grandma's house I tell you), Jen, Mom and I set off for a day full of girly things like shopping, nail salons and Chick-Fil-A. While at Old Navy, we discovered some cute baby shoes in the back. We found out they we clearance and they got a whole lot cuter! Y'all- we bought all 15 remaining pair of these little Auburn Tiger baby shoes for $1.75 a pop. Claim them now while you can:They are so cute! Of course, if you don't have a baby, they do have other uses:
That evening, Mom hosted a get-together for some family and friends in honor of Jennie and Jamie's return to the Heart of Dixie. It was fun to see relatives that I hardly get to see, like my adorable cousin Anne Heaton, who gets prettier and prettier every time I see her!Saturday morning we set off for lower Alabama to see more family, more friends and have a cookout. We visited my grandmother in her new assisted living home, which has an aviary in the lobby. I spent almost as much time looking at the birds as I did talking to my grandmother. These three were making me laugh:
Next stop was the cookout! In addition to mad cooking skills, Mom's boyfriend has a host of animals... some of which I got friendly with (and some of which I did NOT). Here's me, Reid and Daffy Duck:
And the sweetest, quietest animal of them all: the cat!
Jennie, Jamie and I drove back Saturday night and went straight to the theater to see Water for Elephants. It was really good and after staring at him for 2 hours, I can see what all the Robert Pattinson hype is about (vampires - not so much).

Sunday morning, Jennie, Jamie and I went to our old church and made a few mandatory photos.

It was a lovely trip! Very fun and relaxing. Don't worry, Mom, I'll stay with you again soon!


  1. Nice pictures! Let me know next time you're in town, it would be fun to hang.

  2. I want baby Auburn shoes!!! Do I have to have a baby to claim?! Let me know where to send the check. And I'm talking, like 5 pairs. Or I can order them online. But you got a much better deal than they've posted online. :)

  3. We are expecting another (boy) Auburn Tiger (just in time for football season!) and these little shoes would be perfect for him! I will gladly mail you a check or paypal for the shoes and the shipping! We don't get many Auburn type things up here in Chicago...

  4. I snagged some of those tiger shoes a few months ago for a new baby cousin on the way. They also had some really cute onesies that matched!


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