Thursday, April 07, 2011


Someone asked me recently if I collect anything and I realized I don’t think I have shared this (in its entirety) with all of you. Yes, I collect something: wine corks! (GASP! SHOCK!)
This started in 2005, when I turned 22. I saved the wine cork from my birthday dinner at Melting Pot and held onto it. I didn’t really realize I was onto something until February of 2006, when I went to visit Katie in Memphis and saw her collection of corks. That gave me the idea to keep saving them, and so I did.

So now, anytime I am at an event where wine is being served, odds are that one of the corks is going home with me. I have them from weddings, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and baby showers. I have them from trips and random special occasions, to just a night in with friends. It’s so fun to go back and remember those fun times. Most of them also have been written about on this blog (but not all!)

I went through them recently and took some pictures of some to show you. Happy moments pictured below:
*Jen and Wes are having a baby (obviously Jen didn’t have anything from that bottle but Wes and I sure did)
*I Ggot a new job
*Stuffing my sister’s wedding invitations
*Cheese dinner
*Valentine’s Day alone (2006)
*Mary Byrne’s wedding
*Sarah and Clay’s wedding
*Bunko banquet
*Haley’s wedding
*champagne before Kathryn’s wedding

Sometimes I’ll throw a matchbook in. As illustrated above.

It PAINS me when I miss a chance to grab a cork. One time, I was ready to go dumpster diving for one. But I practiced some restraint.

This is such a fun way to keep track of the good times! Cheers!

PS: Do not start on me about keeping those vases clean – that’s impossible to do in that location. And obviously, I’m too busy drinking to take time to clean anything.


  1. I do the SAME thing and have thought about blogging about it. So heads up when you see this same post in the near future. I love going back and reading the corks!

  2. So THIS is what made me finally come out of "hiding" and out myself as a follower...corks! I had so many that I made a framed corkboard out of them. I love writing on them too! I've had them for years.


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