Monday, April 11, 2011


I am already sick of talking about this, so I'll make it quick. But just because it makes me LAUGH more than anything else at this point:

Friday night, my car was broken into. Or jimmied into, I guess, would be the more accurate term, since nary a window or door lock was broken in the process. Which makes me wonder if I didn't haul off and leave the door a jar by accident, but even if I did, what gives you the right to go through my stuff, Mr. Burglar? Huh??

Anyway, I didn't notice it until Saturday night, when I was heading to meet a girlfriend for dinner, and when I opened my door, all of the contents from my glove compartment and console were sitting in my front two seats. Panic ensued! Since I don't keep anything of terrible value in my car (learned that the hard way), he/she just dug through a pile of Beyonce CDs and Bed Bath and Beyond coupons until realizing it too.

I called the po-po and they filed an "attempted burglary" report just for posterity's sake. Not completed, mind you, but attempted, since nothing was stolen. And this way if I go missing, Mom can sue them and say they should have kept a better eye on me after this incident.

But seriously. Nothing was taken, no damage was done... I guess the joke is on you, Mr. Burglar? Seriously. Why does stuff like this happen to me?

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