Friday, April 01, 2011


Where you come from, April may mean showers. But for me, April means awesome fun things on the calendar!

Tomorrow, I am making an anniversary trip (yes, we planned it on purpose [even though we are one weekend off]) to Arrington Vineyards with several of my girlfriends that took me there for the first time last year. That was one of my favorite days of 2010. Those sweet friends knew I was not doing well and they snatched me up and took me to do two of my favorite things: nothing, while drinking wine! Win win. Here's a picture just for fun:

Then tomorrow night, Evan and I are going to the free Art Crawl downtown that I have mentioned before. I am glad he will be in town for a quick minute and that we get to play!

A few weeks later, I am going to see Lady GaGa with Kate! We've had tickets to this for months and months. I'm glad it's finally here, even though I am a little nervous about this show.

The day after that, I have a huge work event that is also one of my favorite things I do all year. I will work very hard (like always, duh) and the next day, I'm taking a SPA DAY. Glory, hallelujah. I bought a Groupon to the spa at Opryland before the flood and I'm just now using it. So I'm making a day of it. I took off the whole day so I can enjoy the pool, get a massage, the works. The next day is Good Friday and then I'll be heading home!

Happy April! It's gonna be a good month.

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