Monday, February 07, 2011


What a busy weekend I had! Don't you want to hear all about it?

Friday, I trotted down to the Cannery to see Josh Radin's show. Who is Josh Radin? Well, some of you may know him from his performance on Ali's season of the Bachelor. I have been listening to him for a few years now. So long that I don't even remember how I found him. But I have a handful of songs from each of his albums, so I jumped at the chance to finally see him live. He was quite the little performance artist: for his finale, he jumped off-stage and sang a song in the very middle of the audience. I couldn't really hear him, partially because he wasn't using a mic, and also because the back half of the room was apparently just there to socialize and didn't care about hearing Josh. Talkers...

Saturday morning, I headed to a baby shower for my friend Missy. She is a friend whom I met through bunko, and is now one of my closest friends in Nashville! (Start a bunko group! You won't regret it!) Missy and her husband are having a little girl near the end of the month and so it was fun to see friends and celebrate the upcoming arrival of little baby Ellie.

You've also heard me talk about Julia a lot on this blog. Look what Julia, aka Martha Stewart on steroids, whipped up for me to give to Missy and Brett. A side for Mommy:
And a side for Daddy:
Brett is a huuuuuge LSU fan, and Missy is equally passionate about her Tennessee Vols. So this little rabbit will pull double duty during football season. Clever, right? If you've had a baby in the past year, you probably got a rabbit from me, handmade by Julia, but this little one really takes the cake! Let me know if you want Julia's contact info - she takes custom orders!

Another friend made this gorgeous diaper bouquet, which I had never seen before so I had to take a picture and ask a million questions. PINTEREST VISITORS: I DID NOT MAKE THIS. I HAVE NEVER MADE ONE IN MY LIFE. I SIMPLY TOOK A PICTURE OF IT. THE ONLY INSTRUCTIONS I HAVE ARE AS FOLLOWS: The diapers are rolled around wooden skewers and secured with clear rubber bands, and then pushed into a foam ball which is hidden and wedged into the vase. Accent with tulle. Isn't it pretty? I have such talented friends.
Sunday, I went to my friend Rachael's house to snuggle with her new baby Logan. He was wide awake and wanted to sit up and participate in our conversation... until we got boring and he fell asleep on me. Swoon!!! I love sweet babies and sweet friends.

I went to the gym, which was near empty for the first time in a long time, and then passed the hours leading up to the new episode of Glee by cleaning my apartment! Occasionally I stopped to watch the interesting parts of the game, like the pre-game debacle show, the halftime spectacular (I LIKED IT) and the commercials. And just in time for Glee, my apartment was clean and tidy.

Oh! One other thing I did this weekend: I finally got around to watching Tim Tebow's "Everything In Between" documentary that I had DVRed. Ummmm Y'ALL. Cam Newton will always be my #1, but Tim is now officially my second favorite athlete. Maybe even my second favorite male. Yes, the more I think about it, those two have certainly bumped JT, Clay and W down a few notches. But that's not the point.

The point IS that the documentary was really interesting. It chronicled the 100-day or so window in between his final game as a Gator and the moment he was announced as the 25th pick in the 2010 NFL draft. It covers him choosing and signing with an agent, training (IN NASHVILLE, whaaaaat?) for the Senior Bowl and his media day in Gainesville, where he unveiled the famous tweaks to that already near flawless throw of his. Maybe it was all the weight room shirtless shots that did it, but I am DEFINITELY aboard the Tebow Train now. He's just such a great kid. Analyst after analyst said he wouldn't go any higher than the third round... proved them wrong! I wish they would do a similar documentary for Cam. But until then, watch Tim's and be amazed. I checked - it comes on TV again February 18. I'll save you a seat on the Train. Wow. I did not mean to type that much about Tim Tebow. Oh well. PS - he may have hired an agent, but I don't think he's hired a publicist....


  1. I love the diaper bouquet. I would love to make this for my sister in law, who is having her baby shower next month, any help would be great!

  2. This looks great! My husband is in the air force and a few if is wives are making diaper wreaths to give to the families that are expecting but I think this idea is so much cuter! How do you keep the diapers together in the vase though?


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