Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I live in a small apartment complex. The walls are very thin.

The gentleman that lives beside me goes out a lot at night, usually right when I am getting ready for bed.

He keeps his cologne in the medicine cabinet. He puts it on in his bathroom.

Which means when it's my bedtime and I open my medicine cabinet to get my toothbrush, I also get to smell his cologne.

It's the same cologne C used to wear.

I am thinking about leaving some new, different cologne outside his doorstep. Any suggestions?

In the mean time, if you need me, I'll have my head inside my medicine cabinet.

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  1. I am a few days behind on my reading and am glad that I kept scrolling down to see this post. YOUR HEAD BETTER BE OUT OF THE MEDICINE CABINET. Hoping someone called you Tuesday last week and told you to get it out of there. How old is this neighbor? Any potential?


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