Monday, February 14, 2011


Instead of a simple weekend recap, let’s play a guessing game!

Which of the following DID NOT occur this weekend?

1. I was running errands on Saturday. I was at my fourth stop: Best Buy Lie. It was a quick trip in and out because I couldn’t find what I needed (shocking). I came out and went to my car… only it wasn’t there. I walked around the lot for several minutes, up and down the rows, pressing the panic button, which wasn’t going off. Nothing was happening. My car was stolen!!!! I actually called 911, y'all. They told me to call the non-emergency number, and while that line was ringing, guess what I saw? My car. Sheepishly, I jumped inside and drove straight home for a nap.

2. Since the weather was so pretty this weekend, I decided to get outside and go for a run on Sunday. I’m paying the price today with a little stiffness, but I did MUCH better than I thought I would on my first run in a very long time. Of the entire time I was out, I ran for all but 10 minutes of it (two 5-minute walk breaks), which is amazing! How encouraging! I hate finding out I’ve been worried for nothing. I hope to get into the habit again... but I feel like I have said that 100 times since the race. Maybe it'll stick this time.

3. I won the lottery.

Obviously, if you guessed number 3, you are correct. I did not win the lottery… not this weekend anyway. However, after realizing my car was NOT stolen, and going for a really good run, I do feel like I came out on top of things.

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