Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday, someone did a very nice thing.

Pictures don’t do these justice. They really might be the prettiest, most artful arrangement of flowers I’ve ever gotten. And they smell amazing, which is awesome. But the best part about these flowers is what you CAN’T see.

What this picture does not show is that they were sent from a very dear friend, who from the kindness of his heart, wanted to brighten my day. So unexpected, so generous. I wish I was that kind of amazing. As he put it, he “figured out the key to a happy Valentine's Day. Instead of worrying about how your day is/will be, make someone else's day.” Mission very, very, very accomplished.


  1. gorgeous arrangement. so glad you had a brightened v-day!

  2. so pretty, miss linds! glad you had a good valentine's day :)


Oh goody!

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