Monday, February 21, 2011


This weekend was super fun. I visited a place in town that I never really knew existed and met up with some old friends.

First the old friends. Meet Mitzi, Fatz and Billy Bob.

You may better know them by their unofficial name – “those things from Showbiz!!!”
My sister and I LIVED for Showbiz when we were small. It was our favorite place to go. I remember being in adoration (and in slight fear) of these robots because I just knew they were real. Just seeing them now makes me crave pizza.

Mitzi Mozzerella looks like she’s been around the block a time or two. Tattered, torn sweater, missing a pompom and what kind of cold sore is that on her lip?! Poor Mitzi didn’t really move around a lot but she was standing upright and it looks like that’s as much as we should expect from her.

But Billy Bob… he makes Mitzi look like a prom queen. His right arm looks broken beyond repair, he’s got a lazy eye to end all lazy eyes, and he and Mitzi must be getting it on when the curtain is closed because they have matching cold sores. Lucky for him, his banjo still has all of its strings!
Fatz, the keyboard player (middle), looks like he’s doing just fine. Other than playing nightly at the Hillwood Strike & Spare, it looks like time has treated him pretty well. And Looney Bird was there too, but he was dead in his trash can. Poor bird.

Did y’all know there are tons of these things still in existence? Apparently they pop up on eBay now and again. One fan has taken it upon himself to set up an entire stage of characters and program them to sing all kinds of things. "Love in this Club" by Usher, "London Bridge" by Fergie... all kinds of fun stuff. Check out his YouTube channels here and here.

ANYWAY. Back to the whole reason I was AT the Hillwood Strike & Spare to begin with. To bowl with friends. What a blast!! Though I was by far the WORST bowler probably in the whole building, including the little toddler a few lanes over using a ramp and lane bumpers, I still had fun. Did you know Elliott can bowl as well as he dances?

Ryan doesn’t dance, but does bowl pretty darn well.

Afterward, we headed back to Ryan’s house for more mischief. Everyone, meet Simba.

Simba is the neighbor’s cat, which to some people means STRAY. Feral or not, I loved on this kitty like he was my own. Then, Evan arrived from a week's worth of travel and clearly, Simba and I were glad to see him. Cue the Christmas card photo shoot:
It was a ton of fun! Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. oh man, I LOVED Showbiz!! I can't believe those things are still around! So cool!


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