Wednesday, January 05, 2011


What’s up, 2011? Hope everyone’s year is off to a bang. Mine has been pretty good so far, aside from a few hiccups. Where shall I begin?

I saw Garth Brooks on the first of his 9-show run. It was awesome…. just as perfect as I’d ever imagine a Garth show to be. Trisha came out for a handful of songs and he ran around the stage like a kid on Christmas morning. He raised millions of dollars for the flood relief, so to know the money was for a great cause made the show even more special. The drunk guy next to me – not so special. But still, a fun night.

A few days afterward, my sister and brother-in-love rolled into town. I had a great time showing them around town, finishing up some last minute shopping, getting a manicure (Jamie sat that out, obviously) and just doing fun every day things that we never get to do during busy, jam-packed holidays when I normally see them. Mom drove up their second day here and all of them got to see Garth as well.

A few days later, I headed home for the holidays. Mom and I ran a few errands that night and then the next day, I met up with some dear, dear friends at the Summit for breakfast. I would LOVE to make this a tradition, but not all of these girls will be in Alabama every Christmas Eve. We’ll take it year by year. Three of these girls are mommies now, but the kids stayed at home so the mamas could relax for a bit. And if any of you “sisters” (did I really just type that?) are reading this and want to join us next year, let me know!
That afternoon, Mom and I went south to spend Christmas in her hometown. It was really unusual being in a new place for Christmas Eve and with a group of people I had never met before. Are you reading between the lines? But it was what Mom wanted to do, so I was along for the ride. They were very welcoming and it ended up being just fine. The next day, we had Christmas with our lifelong friends the Arnolds, where Jennie and Jamie met back up with us. We had a great time with them before going to see my mom’s mother in her assisted living home, and then trouping back north to Birmingham. We drove straight to Joey and Luanne’s house, and did Christmas with that side of the family.

We finally got home after 9 pm, where we discovered that Mom had left the oven on for a full 30+ hours (true story), and everyone loved their gifts and Christmas PJs.

The next day we laid low until it was time to go over to see my other side of the family and meet our new cousin Tristan.

Monday brought lunch with Eric and the Bondses, whom I understand are now parents to the baby hiding under that bump, followed by lots of shopping and running around town with the family until we had no more energy or money.
Jennie and Jamie left bright and early on Tuesday and I got to visit with my friend Kathryn and meet her second daughter Maggie before heading back to Tennessee that afternoon. The rest of the days between then and now are kind of a blur since I was so sick. I had some kind of virus + sinus infection from hell. It was awful. I didn’t leave my house except for an attempt at celebrating New Year’s Eve, which lasted about 45 minutes into dinner. I did do a lot of reading (the Help and Decoded), watched some of my new DVDs and finally watched some old programs that were hanging around on my DVR.

Now I am back at work, holding down the fort, trying to face reality that I will probably NOT be going to Glendale even though I have a plane ticket and a hotel room, and trying to uphold my new year’s resolution. So far, the only thing I’ve cooked is soup. Oh well. Hope your holiday was great!


  1. Okay. I meant to comment on your facebook page yesterday. Please bite the bullet and go to Glendale! What do you have to lose?? Will you regret it if you don't?
    Also, I saw katie at church on xmas eve. She said y'all met up. You are going to need to get in touch with your old hs friend/pres next time y'all do that!
    See you in Glendale...maybe?!

  2. Kelly- did you see the price on tickets? They are out of control. I am bummed for you Lins but totally understand not wanting to spend 2500 dollars to get into the game! Also, kelly has NEVER commented on my blog. what is up with that. Loved our time together. sad to hear you were sick. respond to my email soon about you know what!

  3. first of all, i need to know what this choron's email is that you need to reply to second of all, i kinda feel like we look way old in that picture. third of all, wowzer with your busy christmas. and finally, i totally read between all those lines. :)

  4. A.) I've been reading your blog for years and this is the first time i've ever commented so you KNOW it's important (sort of stalkerish.. but i'm ok with it).
    B.) Please include me next time y'all get together! I'll be St. Louis for Christmas next year, but if you get together before/after, let me know. I would love to catch up with y'all! C.) I'm pretty sure the 6 of us could totally recreate ADPi pref day if we were bored...


  5. I am a long time blog stalker but seriously, GO TO GLENDALE! Even if you don't go to the game (which you can still get a ticket there that is totally outrageous). Just being there, experiencing that atmosphere for the first time....will be a lifetime memory. Do it for all of us who weren't as smart as you to be so proactive in booking things early and got left out in the cold. I really, really, really, really think you should go. There is no way you will regret going.

  6. auburnalum that doesn't proofread1/06/2011 8:19 AM

    sorry..meant a ticket that ISN'T totally outrageous...

  7. I don't know you personally but I do enjoy reading your blog. You HAVE to go to Glendale. You won't regret going but you may regret not going. This may be a once in a lifetime experience - You HAVE to go!



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