Monday, December 06, 2010


This post is going to be all over the place... just like me!

First of all - it's Home Alone season. I've already watched 1 four times and 2 once (but in two sittings). Betcha didn't think Home Alone has bigger fans than me but it does - I am getting comments left and right on my popular You Tube video. Any day now, Ellen DeGeneres will be inviting me on the show.

So, two weeks ago I went to DC to see my family.

My sister cooked most of the Thanksgiving meal, and her mother-in-law did a great job on the turkey and dressing or stuffing, depending on what you call it. My job was to eat it - and business is good, y'all.

Here we are before lunch...
...and after. Two of us are really asleep, can you guess which two?

The next day was the Iron Bowl! Heard of it? I wore these:
and then did this:
because we won!

The NEXT day, we got on a bus, put on our (my) new sunglasses and watched HA2 en route to...
New York City!
PS - The UNICEF snowflake is one of my favorite wintertime things about NYC... one of my favorite memories from childhood trips to New York.

Our big ticket item was to see Miss Kristin Chenoweth, Mr. Sean Hayes and Mrs. Molly Shannon in Promises, Promises. It was SO fabulous - I am sad it is closing. Why do bad things happen to good Broadway? Of course we charged the Stage Door to get good spots for meet-and-greet opportunities.

First came Cheno:
Then Sean, who was super nice:
Last came Molly, who was THE nicest. So grateful for our effusive praise of her Broadway debut!
After a bedbug free good night's sleep, we were up and at 'em again the next day before heading home later that night. We got rush (cheap) tickets to A Little Night Music - Bernadette Peters was brilliant! Eric, I wanted to see Billy Elliott but even the cheap seats were too expensive.

I got home Tuesday and repacked my bags for Atlanta did laundry. I had to work during the SEC Championship Game, but that was a good thing, I guess, seeing as how Auburn went 6-0 in games I had to miss/couldn't watch because of work. So y'all are welcome. Unfortunately, I am NOT working during the championship game because I am trying to BE there. Key word: trying. I was smart enough to book my plane ticket a week ago, before we won in Atlanta and Auburn and Oregon fans crashed trying to buy plane tickets. My $260 round-trip ticket shot up to $700. And my sister got a hotel room for us, so that leaves one small piece of the puzzle missing...

For reasons unrelated to these, I have been working extra hard at the gym. However, it looks like I could be forced to sell my body in exchange for or to finance BCS game tickets, so I guess it bodes well I am already plenty motivated.

Oh please. I'M JUST KIDDING. Or am I?

Which brings me to my last point: if any Bama fans have any tickets or Glendale hotel rooms they'd like to sell to their favorite blogger, just drop me a line!


  1. you better find a ticket!!!! we don't have game tickets either, and aren't planning on finding any :( but we are super pumped about all our friends who have them and are coming. i WILL be adding you to that list!!!!!!

  2. I'm anxiously awaiting a blog about the ham.


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