Friday, December 10, 2010


This year, around September, I started a small list in my phone of all kinds of random things I might like for Christmas as well as things I might should remember to get others. It grew and grew and some things couldn't wait until Christmas to come live with me but for the most part, I did good. Let's start with most likely to least likely.

Despicable Me - Do you know how much I love this movie? I saw it twice in theaters. I want Gru and the Minions to be mine for Christmas!

The Game of Things is so fun! I played it with some friends and almost wet my pants laughing more than once. You draw card that has a "thing" on it - as in, things a chicken is thinking while the farmer collects its eggs; things a wife never wants to hear her husband say; things you do before you go to bed, etc. Every person writes an answer and throws it in a jar, and you take turns reading them aloud and guessing who said what. It sounds crazy, but get this game, a bottle of wine and some friends together and I assure you a good time will be had.

Jay Z's new book, Decoded - while I am a big patron of the Library, occasionally a book comes along I want to own. Assuming he won't be coming here on a book tour anytime soon, I want to go ahead and get my mits on this book, which I've heard is just as great on the inside as it is on the outside. In this case, I think it's safe to judge the book by its cover.

And speaking of the royal couple of hip-hop, guess who has released another DVD/CD combo? Yep, you guessed it. I guess I am going to have to start a Beyoncé shelf in my media cabinet. Last year for Christmas, I received the I Am... Yours DVD/CD, which was taped at her smaller, intimate shows at the Wynn in Las Vegas in late summer of 2009. This year, she's edited and released the full-blown show from world tour, the same world tour I could have gone to see with my sister - for free, in a box seat no less - when it stopped in DC in June 2009. Easily one of my greatest regrets. But, now I have a way to ease the pain with this newly released I Am... World Tour DVD/CD combo. And just for good measure, you ought to know that she produced, directed and edited this movie herself.
Moving out of the living room and into the kitchen, I have had my eye on some gadgets. I love fresh fruit, and this pineapple slicer and strawberry huller (both from Williams Sonoma) will make it easier to get in my mouth! And a little bird is supposed to be getting new cookware for Christmas and giving me her handmeydowns, so I might be getting a set of cookware for Christmas too! Think I could pull the famous cookware switcheroo from Bed Bath & Beyond? The only thing I don't like about this Baker's Edge brownie pan, that allows for every brownie to have a crust, is that I didn't think of it myself! And it got a coveted spot on Oprah's favorite things, so you know it's legit.

I think this SEC Champs shirt sold out overnight. Oh well. Maybe I will just wait and get a NATIONAL CHAMPS one in January, since it looks like a T-shirt is the closest I'll be to the game anyway.

I got a new bedspread a while back. It'd be nice to have shams that match it, but since I so rarely make my bed, it's not killing me that I don't have them. But it'd be good to get them before the set goes out of production I suppose. Actually I probably need new white sheets more than I need these shams.

I have seen the light on footwear. When I was in DC for Thanksgiving, my sister took me to a little store called Nordstrom Rack, where thanks to a Groupon and some luck I brought home some nice flats. Don't get me wrong, Target flats are great. But I'm not 21 anymore. And my new Via Spiga shoes prove what I suspected all along: a sturdy leather sole really makes a difference when you're on your feet for hours at a time. So even before I got the flats in DC and proved myself right, I had my eye on these for the very same reason. Since these cost almost half the amount of a face value BCS game ticket, I might be buying them for myself come January 10.

And just because it's the thing I really want most of all, BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TICKETS! Come on Santa.... I got my airfare and hotel for pennies! All I need is a ticket!


  1. Wouldn't that Jay-z book make an awesome coffee table topper/conversation piece?? so stylish!

  2. that game sounds great! i may have to get it for my sis for christmas! thanks for the idea!!...oh yeah and make my bed - NEVER. i am way too lazy for that!


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