Thursday, October 07, 2010


Recently, some friends and I were listing our Most Irrational Fears. I think these are funny. Everyone fears real stuff, like crime and violence. But we all have random fears.

*Driving in the rain
*Being buried alive (so no, I will not be going to see the new Ryan Reynolds movie)

aaaaaaand one we have never addressed on here...
*Dogs in places you don't expect them.

Dogs in the park? Fine. Dogs on the sidewalk? Awesome! Dogs in the house? No problem.

Dogs in the workplace? No. Dogs at the doctor's office? NO. Dogs in places dogs don't belong creep me out!

This happened a lot at my old office. One lady would bring her dalmatian/Hummer breed to work. That dog scared the mess out of me.

My friend Julia's irrational fear is women dressed as men. My friend Erin's irrational fears are bridges and parking decks, especially underground ones.

What are your secret or not-so-secret irrational fears?


  1. Dams. OMG. I hate them. They are NOT natural and I DO NOT approve. Can you imagine if you got sucked in?!I can, because I used to have this nightmare and woke up in a cold sweat.

  2. Tiger Transits. Even though I'm no longer at Auburn, I still have a fear of Tiger Transits. I rode it a few times while I was a freshman until a blind man was driving one day. He took out lots of curbs, made students run and it freaked me out. Those drivers needed to be screened a little bit better. Also, I was a part of a group of people that stole one late one night and I'm scared the Tiger Transit gods are mad at me.

    Before you freak out, the transit was returned to C-Zone. :)

  3. Erin- I used to fear the same thing while tubing at the lake. Guess what else I feared while tubing at the lake? SHARKS (yes, in the lake).

  4. Mine is also bridges. Which works out great for me since I live in a coastal city. Traffic on the Lake Ponchatrain bridge actually made me have a panic attack once; it was awesome.

  5. I hate tunnels. The Mobile Bay bridge tunnel is the worst. My fear is getting trapped in there because of some horrible traffic accident. I literally can't breathe.

  6. I'm with you on HATING driving in the rain. It's fortunate that we're perpetually in a drought here, else I might have to move. I'm also terrified of birds, especially the tiny, "hoppy" kind of birds that seem to hang out on restaurant patios and downtown streets. But I consider it completely rational, so I'm not sure it fits here...

  7. i am afraid of cutting my eye with my razor when i shave my armpits. i know, weird.

  8. SO glad you're not afraid of dogs in houses who perpetually lick your feet. Whew! Our friendship could have suffered because you'd never want to come over. :)

    Also, I've been to a doctor's office where there were 2 dogs present, and being a total dog person, that even freaked me out! It's the one place I'd like to think is 100% sanitary.

  9. Little tiny bird eggs in unexpected places


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