Monday, October 04, 2010


What a weekend. Other than pulling for ALL the teams wearing any orange at all, I was really busy flitting all over town.

Friday night, I had tickets to a fund-raiser* taking place at a super nice restaurant in town that I had never been to. I know, that sentence is kind of ironic. I guess it is possible to raise funds at a super nice restaurant if ticket sales are good. Fortunately for me, my tickets were free. Come to think of it, all of the people I knew there had free tickets. Oh well. I'm sure they made money. As for me, I was very excited to go and support a charity (I bought raffle tickets, okay?) and experience Sambuca for the first time. I grabbed a plus one, put on my party dress and we were off. A coworker and his date met us there and we had a merry time listening to the live music and buying raffle tickets. I do love a good party.

Saturday, I ran errands and worked out before settling in for a full day of football. Go Orange Teams! To kick things off, I followed the AU game religiously on Twitter. That went well. Then I watched the UT v. LSU trainwreck, and then the Waldrons had Evan and me over to watch the Other Game. Since at halftime it was "not going the way I would have preferred" we decided to start another game, Cranium, while the second half of the Other Game was being played. That game was a lot more fun this time since Erin and I won, and not by any small margin. It was just as one-sided as the Other Game that was on TV. So now our Cranium tournament is tied and we have a championship round to be scheduled next month.

On Sunday, I went to see the Social Network. It was a very good movie. I tried to be open-minded and not just say "it was a very good movie!!!" simply because Mr. Timberlake is in it... but he was icing on the cake. No wait, maybe the fact that the movie is good is the icing on the TimberCake. Yes, that's it.

Later that night I fixed myself a nice dinner (I'll tell you about it tomorrow) and then watched another movie I had been hanging on to for a while. Date Night... by myself. What irony!

I hope you had a busy, fun-filled weekend too!

*Just in case case you were wanting to learn, fund raising is a verb; fund-raising is an adjective and fund-raiser is a noun (person or event).

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