Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm back from Auburn! It was a great trip. I'll tide you over with this until I can write a full recap complete with pictures (I've started having my sister fill in as my personal photographer or "zap girl!"; the pictures are always better, but they go with her to DC until she gets ready to upload them).

So feast your eyes on this in the mean time.

Q: What do you get when you take one fun-loving, former championship mascot and one equally fun-loving but borderline crazy lady wearing a top that gives her wings?

A: MAYHEM. And if you think either of them were any calmer in the car ride to OR from Auburn, you are sorely mistaken.


  1. THANK YOU for getting that on video!

  2. Wow. To think that was BEFORE I finished the contents of my brown paper bag!?!? War Eagle anyway! ;)

  3. So how do you make this again? Just one mascot and one crazy lady with a wingy top? I would imagine there is another ingredient that brings it all together. Possibly in the brown paper bag Evan just mentioned.

  4. Actually, no bags or bottles were involved in the making of this video. Coffee, sure. But nothing stronger.

  5. Just drunk on life, Wes! It's a great way to live! This clip proves that Evan is my long lost son: Lindsay actually had a twin and they took him away and gave him to some other unsuspecting mom. So glad to be reunited!


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