Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So, judging from the spirits my mom and Evan were into when we GOT to Auburn, you can only imagine how FUN!! the car ride to Auburn was. I’m kidding – we did laugh a lot. We took advantage of having a Friend of Aubie in our presence and hit him up with a lot of questions.

About halfway to campus, we got a phone call letting us know that our usual tailgate spot behind Mell Hall had been occupied by a new group: the African Student Association... okey dokey, then! Since our sweet roper-offer and daughter of the family with whom we tailgate was unable to convince them to move, or explain to them what a sacred spot a tailgate location can be, we made alternate plans and tailgated about 30 yards away. But still. Tradition is tradition.

We took some photos (and video) when we got there before everyone started sweating (literally and {at the game} figuratively). Knowing this was 90% likely my only trip to Lee County this fall, I was dying to see the new dorms and sorority chapter rooms I had heard so much about as well as the new Auburn arena. We'd planned to arrive on campus early enough to get to do that. So, after a while at the tailgate, Jamie, Jennie and I set off to see the sites.

First stop, McCartney brick plaza at the stadium entrance to see my family's brick. I have never seen it before so it was neat to finally get the chance. My grandparents were die-hard Auburn fans. Maybe I'll do some posts about just how die-hard sometime soon.

Next stop, the new arena! It was super nice! Small, but cool. I was much more excited about seeing old friends while I was in that area (first of a few Thanks For Going Out of Your Way award goes to Dave – it was good to see you!) and seeing the creed engraved on the outside than I was about anything inside (though the Hall of Honor was cool). I am surprised how close the new dorms are to the stadium – I thought they would be way further out. Unsure of how I was going to get into the chapter room, I considered it true divinity when I passed an adorable flock of girls wearing ADPi Loves AU buttons on their dresses. Success! I meekly asked if one of them could let me and my family in. After all, I did help pay for the thing. It is SO GORGEOUS. I can’t imagine what life is like down there now. A full, beautiful kitchen with no ants; a spacious chapter room with a giant TV that probably makes for some fun group TV watching… I’ll say it – I am jealous. I also found two old friends while I was in there. Big thanks to Caroline from Hoover letting us in and not making me feel too terribly old and removed.

From there, we headed to stake out a spot at the Tiger Walk. That was a blast. Is it ever NOT a blast? I miss the days that I recognized the players. This time, I only recognized Aubie, Coach Cheezit (at one point in the weekend, I think it was the ride home, we started calling him Coach Cheezit – I recommend it), Coach Taylor, and Cam Newton because he was huge and got the most noise. Sad. But Terrell Zachary’s mom was beside us, and we told her that her son was gonna do great that day. And you know what? He did! YouTube his 78-yard TD pass if you need proof.

So after the Tiger Walk, we split up again before heading into the game. I met up with my sweet friend Todd for a quick conversation and a refreshing beverage. The second Thanks for Going Out of Your Way award goes to you, Todd! I met up with my sister and brother-in-law, who were in the long line to enter the stadium and we found our seats.

Besides the yucky parts of the game, and the incredibly rude Clemson fans, it was a good game. A nail-biter for sure. But like I have said several times since then, last year for the Bama game, we were going wild for 58 minutes and got quieted in the final two. I would much rather have a game where we are quiet for most of some of the game and get to go wild at the end for a W. How weird is it that this game, which was decided by a kicking penalty, was exactly six years after the LSU-AU game in 2004, which was ALSO decided by a kicking penalty—right Sam?

We cheered hard and got pictures and bathed in the glory of a victory before heading back to the tailgate to party a little more before the long drive home. Evan found the Bondses while he was headed to the car and brought them to see me – so the third Thanks for Going Out of Your Way award goes to Wes and Jen and baby bump Bonds, which is so cute in person!

We made it home safe and sound around 2 am and Evan and I pulled out of town after dropping Jennie and Jamie off at the airport the next morning. I guess they get the final Thanks for Going Out of Your Way award since they did travel the farthest to see me.


Oh goody!

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