Monday, August 30, 2010


What a fun weekend! I was all over the place but enjoyed it.

Saturday afternoon, I bought new running shoes. Yes, it is officially time for me to start running. I have had 9/1 circled on my calendar now for a while. Anyone want to run a race together? Mercedes Half? Look at these bad boys:
First of all, they are pink! Yes! Second of all, look at the new lace technology they've come up with - sideways laces. Do you feel dizzy looking at these? I kind of do. But they do hug my feet better.

Sunday afternoon, I met my friend Missy to see the Switch. It was a cute movie and I happily forked over my money to see Jennifer Aniston.

Then Sunday night, I headed to Vandy's campus with some friends where I found this guy:
Look familiar to any of you? Yes, I was at a sorority house for ALUMNI night. My life has come full circle. This week is "sisterhood week" (did we have that?) and to kick it off, the alumnae were invited to the house for ice cream. Free ice cream? Sign me up. It was actually pretty fun. I don't think I've ever been in a sorority house before - is that weird? Update: I just remembered that my senior year I spent the night with my friend Katie who was a Tri Delt at Ole Miss. Should an Ole Miss sorority house be the ruler by which I measure sorority houses? Probably not. Vanderbilt's are small; only six or so girls live in it. Guess who is dying to become house mom now, by the way? Alas, they just got a new one. Oh well, maybe next year.

Anyway, we started comparing housing stories since there were girls from other chapters there (if any of you readers can share your experience with sleeping porches in the comments, I'd appreciate it) and it brought back great memories from my time at Berta Dunn under Gladys's watchful eye. Afterward, some of the women went out for drinks. We are trying to get a young alumnae delegation going, since there are so many of us in this town. CPS and EMW - you are coming with me next time!

Then of course I came home and watched the Emmys. But I thoughts some of you would get a kick out of that gleaming Golden Lion. Happy sisterhood week!


  1. I'm pretty sure we had a sisterhood week. I can't remember what we did during it but it sounds really familiar. I think it was one of those cheesy things we didn't really get into. GASP!

    I'm all in for coming next time!

  2. GOLDEN LION! Didn't ours get stolen? Did we ever get it back? Sisterhood week- never heard of it. I thought that was every week!

  3. Those shoes look like orthopaedics. Wait...I almost forgot, they ARE!

  4. At least we held onto the Golden Lion when we were there! What has happened? :) Sounds like fun- good luck running tomorrow!

  5. old berta dunn. you and i had such a sweet view of the makeout sessions at the back door. good times

  6. Sleeping porch story: My sophomore year in college, I stopped by the house to get lunch after class on my way home. I was greeted at the door by one of the girls excitedly yelling, "Oh my GOSH! PACEY is upstairs on the sleeping porch!!!!" Yes, Joshua Jackson shacked it up in the AXO house in Tuscaloosa. And no, boys most certainly were NOT allowed (even upstairs, much less on the sleeping porch).
    My glimpse of Pacey came as he was coming down the stairs and hurrying out the door...Apparently, he didn't want to stay for lunch :)

  7. They are not orthopedic shoes, mother.

    I remember our Golden Lion getting decorated but not stolen... if it did, we got it back. Those advisors would have flipped their @!#% if we'd lost it.

    AM - what a great story!! That blew me away. I guess the concept of a sleeping porch is so fascinating to me. Are alarm clocks allowed? Did everyone have an assigned bed?

  8. I'm training for the St. Judes 1/2 in Memphis in Dec! You should totally do it!


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