Wednesday, August 25, 2010


September holds a lot of promise. Here's some fun things I am getting to do!

On September 1, I am getting my haircut. Y'all know how I feel about that.

The next day, my mom is coming up for the last Brooks & Dunn concert ever. I managed to get a ticket as well, and in the same row which I may or may not regret.

The next weekend, there are several things going on.

I just found out about the Italian Lights Festival. As if unlimited wine for $15 isn't tempting enough, there are also games such as a meatball eating competition, a pass the platter neck-to-neck relay (where you pass a sausage, meatball, onion, eggplant and a tomato one at the time using your neck and chin), and best of all, GRAPE STOMPING. Can you just see it? Teams of two (one to stomp, one to help) get 20lbs of grapes and 3 minutes to stomp. Prizes for most juice of course as well as "best style of stomp." Are you kidding me? The possibilities are endless! The problem is this is also the same day as a few other events, including the LSU/Vandy game and a big giant tailgate that afternoon. Maybe I will go to the Italian festival Friday, the game/tailgate Saturday and then Sunday, I have the Nashville Challenge, which I have already told you about! My team looks really strong and it's not too late to join us.

Contemplating a trip to AU for the Clemson game on the 18th - anyone else going? And then the last full week of September, I have tickets to see 9 to 5 the musical and cannot wait! I've heard it's great and I even got a discount on great tickets. Yay, me. Also, that week is premiere week, which means new episodes of all my favorite shows: Glee, Modern Family, SNL, the Office, etc. Then that weekend MB gets married and before you know it, it'll be October!

What are you looking forward to in September?


  1. I'll be there for Clemson - should be a good one!

  2. uhh, you forgot to include in your excitement over september that your bff blogger/gchat friend Lauren will be having her baby. yeah - i am looking forward to not going potty every 45 minutes during the night (though that will be replaced with diaper changes and feedings!) aaahhh!!


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