Thursday, August 05, 2010

PRANKED part 2

Here's another prank for you, this time courtesy of my college years.

When I was a Camp War Eagle counselor in 2004, among many fun pranks, jokes and general silliness that permeated our group of counselors, there was one prank I managed to steer clear of the whole summer: the Mystery Pooper.

After the fact we learned it was an alliance of poopers and not just an individual acting alone. They didn't reveal themselves until the end of the summer, when they snuck off to do a group photo, complete with "appropriate" poses, and the other 40 of us standing around noticed. What wouldn't you notice about a group of five boys, arms around each other, squatted down like they were on a toilet?

Thanks a friend I like to call a deadbolt, our bathroom never got hit. I think we might have been the only ones. That may be my proudest accomplishment of the summer.


  1. Lindsay, I had almost completely forgotten about that. I never understood how yall never realized who was doing it.

  2. hahahaha! I even got pooped!! I think Suz let "them" into my room. Hilarious!


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